CSI Forensic Science Camp is all about discovering the mysteries of forensic science. It has been successfully held for four years and greatly welcomed by parents and students from North America, Taiwan, and China. CSI is an “immersion” experience. 2017 CSI Forensic Science Summer camp welcomes more teenagers who are interested in forensic science worldwide.

In order to inspire more young elites who are interested in forensic science, World Journal is honored to ask the Henry C. Lee Institute of Forensic Science’s participation again in co-organizing the “CSI Forensic Science Summer Camp II” in 2017.


World Journal CSI Forensic Science Summer Camp: 

Date : July 17 ~July 31  

Ages : 13~25

Location : Henry C. Lee Institute of Forensic Science & University of New Haven


Interesting courses

1. Identification of Blood & Body Fluids

2. LAB Exercise – Fingerprint Evidence

3. LAB Exercise – Intro to Photography & Sketch Hands-on exercises

4. LAB Exercise – Bloodstain Pattern Interpretation

5. Evidence Collection, Crime Scene Reconstruction

6. Cyber-crime and Security

7. Case Reconstruction & Dr. Lee’s Famous Cases

8. Overview of Crime Scene Procedures - Case Examples

9.Crime Scene Exercise - Initial documentation 

Visit : Harvard University, MIT University, New York Statue of Liberty, Central Park, American Museum of Natural History, Wall Street, Columbia University...etc.

More information please contact : simonwei@worldjournal.com or call : (1)-718-746-8889 ext. 6361